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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trail dharma

                                                                                                                                PCT looking South near BigBear with iPhone6 Pano

Trail dharma (with a little d) 

Since my last post I have lost, yet to find, 13lbs and trail hiked 83 miles (not including daily 3 mile walks) Including the 10 miles I did with a full pack in the snow and the dark last night!!! Train in adverse conditions and you will thank yourself for the easy days I say.

I am learning much on my increase of strength, stamina and gear.
Some gear news and notes: I have been testing out several new items from REI (the mecca of outdoors if you take it seriously:-) First on cooking. I have been dehydrating many meals to my taste and to save mucho dinero. On that note I got myself a PowerPot. It is what it says, a cooking pot that charges electronic devices!!! So far its been cool because its an extra source of electrons when you are cooking (well re-hydrating) anyway. It comes with a extra bowl/lid and weighs all of 12.1 oz. If you compare it to my MSR cook pot I have used for years at 18oz, Im looking at a good thing. 

The next item on the re-charge list was a GoalZero solar panel. This little gem ties to your pack and charges up batteries that are in tern used to charge devises. Both chargers complement each other and seem to be working out well. Whats with all the electronics you ask? Its not much, but finding an outlet on the PCT aint happinin:) The devises on the charger are: My iPhone. Yes there is cell signal out there (sometimes, occasionally, maybe) but as a useful item, it is a camera, book, music player, flashlight, notebook and a useful GPS. I have tested it with no cell service and the Halfmile's PCT trail finder App. Another Item is my GoPro. Those are the only 2 video/still cameras I am bringing. What a photographer not bring 30 lbs of gear? ... I'm not THAT kind of photographer and anyway, if I want to shoot nature, I bring gear in the car to the location, not lug it 500 plus miles on my back!!! The last item is my BlackDiamond 'Revolt' headlamp. This little lifesaver is rechargeable, long lasting and powerful.

I have been toying with a couple of changes in 'the plan' to start later in the year (about Sept 15) and go South bound from Whitney to BigBear.
I will try and post when I have more, gear that is:) TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

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