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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holliday Lighting

Its that time of year again... no not Christmas. Newspaper players of the year, and its my lighting for the holidays :) Sports portraits are a bit more fun than the average because of the potential for action. I have always liked the look of well lit portraits but I am trying to push my understanding and skills of lighting a bit more for this year's resolution.
Here on Yucaipa High School senior volleyball outside hitter Kelli LeClair, I used three sources of light. (I should draw diagrams and post them if anyone wants to see them?) A six-foot diffusion pannel with three heads to light her from the left and head to toe, a bounce fill from the floor and a softer fill umbrella from the upper right.

BS27-XCGIRL01Melissa Fairchild of Serrano High School in Phelan is a cross country runner who I lit on campus with three lights to our right. Side, frontish and from the ground. Needless to say the focus on the last two shots was a B----.
St. Lucy's senior Jackie Macy in Glendora, made for a nice clean portrait in the gym with only five lights. Grid spot to the left, barn doors to the right, umbrella overhead, back light and accent on the cross on back wall. One may notice I shoot all this at 2.8 for various reasons. This shot is with the Nikon 35-70 at about 60mm. The runner with a Nikon 70-200 at about 135mm and the jump shot with the Nikon 17-35 at about 24mm.

A little exercise in light: I got to shoot a cycle class at the Fontana 24 Hour Fitness and decided to bring the light to play with. Sometimes a different look at the usual flash on camera off ceiling and room light look.
24 Hour Fitness member Roslynn Pomahatch of Rancho Cucamonga exercises during a cycle class in Fontana. This was the 17-35mm as well with three lights: front umbrella, bounce fill on the leg and a back accent light behind the instructor.

Redlands High School's Jacob Rubio, right, against Fontana High School's Robert Duran (win) during, Thursday night's, Dec. 15, 2011 varsity 145lbs weight class wrestleing match in Redlands. This match was (no joke) 10,000 iso at 2.8 at 1/125th with out the lights! No bueno! But I fix... three lights, left and right Nikon SB 800s and the on camera master as a fill and voilĂ  its 2.8 at 1/500 at ISO 800. The sensor on the D3s can handle very high ISO ratings so I like to push it a little to save battery and recycle times on the flashes.
As with lighting a very poorly lit high school gym...BS14-PREPDIGESTSUN
Which brings me to a tool that makes this all possible... wait for it... Radiopoppers. Yes, 2.8 in the daylight, high ISO and high sync speeds with any other strobes does not fly:)