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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Mother Road

Using photography to explore the world around me, or my backyard for that matter, is a wonderfull feeling. Using a camera and forcing myself to slow... down... and really see what is around me, unlike at 70mph on a freeway. Slowing down creates a more rewarding experience and memories. I have photographed Route 66 in the California Mojave Desert for years so "Seeing" it in a fresh way can be a challenge. I have found that things do change, slowly, even in the desert. There is a before and after effect. Its is a bit of an illusion because there is an infinite amount of time before and after my images.
Some of the before is at:
The Mother Road
Four slide shows:
The Mother Road Show 1
The Mother Road Show 2
The Mother Road Show 3
The Mother Road Show 4
Thanks to Lee Ann Fox, Bryan Smith and K for the tunes.