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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bring in the Herbs


Bring in the herbs

By Eric Reed

Many of us who garden cannot stand the off-season. So one alternative to pacing the indoors is bringing the outdoors in. An indoor herb garden is a splendid way of keeping a green thumb dirty. Not to mention an occasional spring or leaf making its way into whatever is on the stove.
Many herbs will take to growing indoors. A small planter box, terracotta pots or a re-purposed aquairium may serve well. Just make sure there location can provide about five hours of sunlight. Adding some life to your window and growing seeds for that Spring transplant will help ward off a gloomy Winter. For the more ambitious grower, starting a few veggies from seed can also get you a jump on the season when it is time to move outdoors once again. A small indoor herb garden can keep those fresh greens close and the love of nature closer.

Things you can use:

A planter. Recycled items such as old pots or boxes can work. Use your imagination.
The basics of live. Water, Sunlight, seeds and soil. Organic potting soil works best.
Any seed will do. Pick your favorite and add variety to what you might like to look at and eat from your windowsill. Dill, parsley, thyme, savory basil, oregano and rosemary.
Start a bed. A wet mix of potting mix.
Seed it. Push seeds into mix about ¼ - ½ inches down and gently cover.
Make it cozy by creating a mini green house using plastic wrap, with small holes.
Keep the soil damp, but not soaking, and in the sun. A Southern or Western facing window helps.
Adding some organic fertilizer once they have grown up a bit and clip herbs’ outer leaves as not to kill the plant.

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