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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Summer of Holga

Student Work:
Holga images from Kimberly Albright's "Untitled Architecture" series.

The Summer Photography 101 course at Victor Valley College proved to be quite a lot of fun and a good learning experience for all including the instructor, yours truly. The Holga is a piece of crap camera with a plastic lens and light leaks galore. With that in mind it makes truly amazing images that have that old photographic aesthetic and levels the playing field of those using it. Because it has no relevant settings it has a 'point n shoot' nature so a high degree of technical ability is not required, just your creativity and in the case of this class the learned ability to hand develop black and white 120mm or 2 1/4 film. I enjoyed the opportunity to develop my Holga images along side the students to see the difference in cameras (each one is unique) and trouble shoot the assignment. One thing is for sure, enthusiasm and a true love of photography makes a huge difference in the learning process for everyone not just regurgitating facts and numbers. Shoot on!

Holga image from Ashley Wilkins' "Working Lives" series.

VVC-101Holga-SaraAHolga image from Sara Taylor's "Lost Hearts" series.

VVC-101Holga-JohnnyAHolga image from Johnny Martinez's "Vintage Wheels" series.

VVC-101Holga-Crystal2AVVC-101Holga-CrystalAHolga images from Crystal Carroll's "Little Helga" series.

And to add one of mine. I had to take this to a new level for me and shot 35mm color film run through the Holga.

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